Alfies Antique Market

alfies antique market

Alfies Antique Market is so fucking sick I can’t believe no one’s told anyone about it. Like you hear people telling each other what they did on the weekend and where they went and what they saw, blah blah blah, but I just do not get how people aren’t yelling about this place left, right & center. It’s amazing, it’s like everything I ever want in a store. It’s like the department store of all department stores, if antiques had department stores.


Here’s me peeking around the corners. I was getting all sweaty cus just got told off for taking photos, and that really stressed me out, so I tried to calm down by having Andy take photos of me but that fucking stresses me out so I just kept an eye out for the bad guys :”)




Just look at that greenery, like velvet sofas and deep greens are so amazing – but then you walk in the next room and it’s like seafoams and baby pinks and your whole world turns upside down. That’s what I want in a store, tbh, to make me question myself at every corner ♥


Foundation Louis Vuitton

foundation louis vuitton small b

Finally got around to visiting the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris during my second trip this year. It’s crazy, but the last time I was in Paris was the summer before I started college, and if you told me that the next time I’d visit I would be living in London (with a fucking boyfriend no less), I’d be like nahhhhh. But I digress.

Daniel Buren coloured the glass “sails” of the Foundation Louis Vuitton and I hate to break it to a lot of people probably, but I really did not like how it looked from the outside. Like it just wasn’t very nice, and maybe it was because the clouds were dark and moody that it kind of reminded me of a massive clown building, but it would have been 100% more appealing from the outside if it was in its regular plain glass state. I will say, however, from the inside it was like a fucking playground, especially as pink is ?




I just want to point out that just cus I wear a suit now doesn’t mean I’m a boring corporate gal, I’m still fun and flirty xoxo. I also don’t understand what Louis Vuitton has to do with this as there was 100% no fashion related stuff inside. I could easily look it up but I kind of like keeping a little mystery in my life ;~P