Ski Bunny – The Proper Ski Fashion


Ski fashion is an interesting one – how you look is most likely a direct correlation to how you ski, and within that is the difference between a racer and a leisure skier. Skiing is its own world – having a sick look in the real world is definitely not a guarantee that it’ll translate to a sick look on the slopes.

Unless you’re an old chiller who literally couldn’t dgaf more :~)

I grew up on skis and raced from the age of five to seventeen-ish, at which point I fell off the wagon and began to fully appreciate and indulge in “leisure skiing” as an activity.

Racing had its ups and downs. For example, a down would be when someone convinced me to pee in my GS suit because I was too fucking cold waiting in line for the start gate (I was young-ish), whereas the high was just always from the insane speeds we’d get to.

Going through the trials and tribulations of running crazy drills, eating smushed-up sandwiches and dealing with wet gloves and numb toes has definitely earned me the right to make observations on how good ya’ll (read: Kim K) dresses on the slopes

It’s not totally fair that I’m singling out Kim here, but that outfit is just impractical.

Honestly, wear what you want – go ahead and rock your jeans (I love it), but trying to ski in your après ski look is so not functional and kind of dangerous.

I think the perfect balance is mixing the après part of your look with some racer vibes. I’ve been in the racer mindset for so long, and I’ve always tried to maintain that look, but this latest ski trip made me realise that the better you ski, the less it matters what you’re wearing, even if it’s a silly furry outfit.

For instance, I love my sister’s outfit below… Nothing about it particularly screams that she used to race, but once she goes, it couldn’t be clearer.


I think my obsession with still looking like a racer stems from the same place as my slight phobia about wearing Vans – I’ve always felt like I had to be able to skate to earn the right to wear those checkered slip-ons without looking like a total dork. I think it comes from me being a bit of a judgemental idiot, like you really don’t have to earn the right to wear anything. It only looks silly if it’s obvious you’re trying to pull off a look that’s definitely not your style.

On our last day of skiing, I ditched the all black, zippy look, and opted for my aunt’s berry pink ensemble. It’s definitely a step closer to what I want, but maybe I do want to add a little faux fur trimmed hood. The best part of retirement is only skiing when the sun’s out and saying nuh-uh to those rainy, fuzzy fur ruining days.