Class and Trash


When I was brainstorming ideas for this blog (which is really a very erratic ting when it happens) I had a long list of posts I thought would revolutionize all my past blog attempts. My sister showed me an Etsy shop that only stocked vintage Robert Clergerie and I got super pumped up and said, “This is the sort of shit I want to share on my new blog” because they were cute shoes and reasonably priced and not from Zara / Topshop / ASOS / blah blah blah.

But now I find myself in a sticky situation – I’ve left the majority of my clothes back home when I moved, and I am about to face the cold fall months sans anything to keep my bones free from chill. So what am I left to do?? Scour those shitty sites to find inexpensive placeholders until I can get my hands back on my cute warm clothes.

Except you know when you’re looking through those sites and the main thought in the back of your head is “how many people own this coat” or “this is going to fall apart in two months”, etc, and you can’t really justify spending money on it? That’s basically all I could think about during those endless hours scrolling. Now, I don’t want to bash too much – I do own my fair share of Zara and I’ve never seen anyone else with the same stuff, probably because they don’t produce many of each item, but it is true that within a few weeks I start to see a few loose threads even if I’ve only worn it a handful of times…

So anyway, long story short, this weekend I popped into a charity shop and found a £30 Moschino jean jacket that’s the perfect mix of Italian trash and Italian class. And I’m simultaneously contributing to charity! I should put that on my LinkedIn profile honestly. This got me thinking about how I buy clothes – the necessity of buying staples from places like Zara, but also the fact that these designer clothes, although 90% of the time overpriced, do last a while. I made a small pact to myself to spend more time sifting through smelly thrift stores and eBay and etsy to find the hidden gems that make getting dressed in the morning much faster and less painless.

And now I get to the point of this post – have you ever checked out Vestiaire Collective? Probably and I’m slow to the uptake, but they have quality checked designer clothes at a fraction of the price. I still need to watch myself as I have to pay rent and other living things, but there’s no harm in window shopping… The only annoying thing about this site is they don’t take down items that have sold, so you see this “Oops sold!” about a million times per page and after a while you just want to tear ur eyes out but have to stay strong because you know there’ll be a find somewhere amongst these idiotic “Oops sold!” (which I read in my dad’s voice as he loves the word “oops”).