Boy vs Girl

unflattering clothes

When are unflattering clothes actually flattering? Much like how I go back and forth between wearing too much color and none at all, I also yo-yo between wearing tight and loose-fitting clothes. I feel like the general rule has always been to balance it 1:1, but I have days when I really just want to look like a 12 year old boy, and other days when I basically am begging for my boobie to slip out. Where’s the middle ground?

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Trail Blazers

trail blazers 01

I just went on and on about color in my last post, and now I’m here, in black and white… For this post I took my lazy self out to Mayfair to show you how to have fun with blazers in a city ripe with stale suits. I like a challenge ;)

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Bless You Earrings

earrings are the shit

I’ve never understood the concept of “accessorising”, I don’t know what that verb means and I don’t get how so many people do it!! I’ve attached extreme sentimental value to most of my jewellery (no surprise there, I put the newly clean dishes at the bottom of the stack to make sure each dish is used the same amount of times, no dish left behind) (also sentimental value means someone has given it to me), so it’s hard for me to take something off without feeling hugely guilty that I’m betraying them somehow. My two necklaces? One from my godmother & one from my dad. I keep the one from my dad on all the time, except that one time I was mad at him, and the one from my godmother has been back on for almost a year because the one my roommate gave me that said “Angel” broke and my neck needed a second necklace.

Back to my point though : earrings!! I found a solution! Pierced my ears a second time so I can consistently have the same one on and change the first one whenever I want! God the freedom, I’ve never tasted anything so sweet. I’m very proud of these gold ones from & Other Stories – bought those bitches myself – and the fuzzy boa one is made by the one and only Steph. I’ve done a lot this year: graduated, moved to a new city and learned to accessorise :”)

The Angele Look


My first ever “looks” post. I bought this skirt at Goodwill by school in LA – my friend went there at 10am, took a photo of it and messaged it to me, urgently advising me to scoop it up real quick. So a few hours later, after probably doing nothing, I made my way over, tried it on, and even tho it wouldn’t stay up on my waist, I bought it and took it directly to the tailors, where they tried to fix it but I learned (how I have only just learned this I don’t know) you should never try and fix a waist. The darts they put in make it pucker out the back, creating a very unflattering butt shape and I can only wear it comfortably if half my butt is covered so no one can see how awful it is.

Anyway, moral of the story, folks, is don’t buy something (even if it’s only $4!!!) if it doesn’t fit your waist because you’ll just end up really sad you can’t find the skirt of your dreams in a size that fits you like a glove (as they all should).