Just Some Photos U Kno


Feeling all nostalgic and stuff.


I’m almost at my one week mark of being in London! I’ve enjoyed it obviously, but I’ve been in a funk with jet lag and trying to situate everything (forgot my PIN for my bank card as I’ve not used it in about 9 months, so I have to wait for a new one in the mail so I can get myself a sim card, etc) and I have loads of photos to go through from my graduation weekend + travels but I really can’t be bothered right now when I’ve GOT TO FIND A JOB ASAP HELP ME. So probably from now till I get a job it’ll be all fast pics and short posts, and once I get a job I can go back and unleash some funny tings your way, dear readers (about maybe 2 of you thank you).

These are just photos I took walking around Manhattan Beach and those areas; some taken while sitting scrunched up in the passenger seat while the car was still in motion so they’re all good fun.





Also hi coucou what’s a post without my spotty face + massive feet making an appearance??