Mustang (2015)




I recently watched the movie Mustang, directed by Deniz Gamze ErgΓΌven, and oh my god let me tell you – it’s the sort of movie where you’re so present watching it & so invested in the storyline and characters but there’s also a part of you that’s hugely aware it’s the sickest thing you’ve seen in a long time. I left the movie all choked up and so proud to be a girl, and I think whenever there’s an opportunity to reinforce that feeling, everyone should grab it. The film’s about 5 Turkish girls raised by their uncle and grandma, who are arranging marriages for them left and right. One of the girls in particular looks like a young Hope Sandoval (completely unrelated note) (and by young I mean like 10 years old), and she’s so fiery, I wanted to see myself in her tehe. Basically I just love being a girl with my long hair and feeling connected to the earth and all the pretty things in life and this movie was just great.