Folegandros On Film

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Folegandros really is the place to be

I’m so sad I forgot the battery to my camera! I was so focused on making sure I found the one for the film camera that I just completely ignored all my other blogger responsibilities. That being said, it was super fun to shoot on film again, there’s a quality to film that you really can’t get on digital.

Folegandros is definitely a very relaxing island, with more of a family feel than a party one, what with little chubby Italian tots running around at 1am any given night. I think I just love vacation places where it feels incredibly safe, cozy and familiar. We’d see people totally naked at the beach, then bundled up in a scarf sitting next to us at dinner. What a whirlwind.

We stayed at a beautiful boutique hotel and went to four beaches – all were so amazing. Beautiful clear water, white pebbly rocks and perfectly uncrowded. I’ve never been so relaxed! Sharing some photos from the trip and what minimal outfit details I have below!

02 angelebaby folegandros realisation par

02 angelebaby folegandros calvin klein and other stories

02 angelebaby folegandros solid and striped

02 angelebaby folegandros nakd swimsuit

02 angelebaby folegandros realisation par

02 angelebaby folegandros realisation par

angelebaby folegandros realisation par

02 angelebaby folegandros calvin klein

Clothing-wise…I’m definitely still getting the hang of shooting for the blog while on holiday. Usually my tactic for holiday packing is pack little and pack light – especially when it comes to a beach trip. Is it just me, or do you always end up wearing the same outfits for basically the whole trip? I stuck to my Calvin Klein denim shorts paired with either a strappy black tank or my Solid & Striped gold ring suit for the day, and either jeans and a sweater for the windy nights or a Realisation Par dress (similar here) on the balmier ones. Daytime swimming was either in a cute white Na-kd swimsuit or my standard black L’Agent by AP one, no top necessary.

Definitely the star purchase was my mango colored hat – essential for shading the face! I feel like I usually buy hats on beach vacations and end up losing every single one of them; really hoping that’s not the case for this one. Fingers crossed, am I right?